At Fixate, we’re a small team, and we love it.

Being small means we get to write and push new code on an ongoing basis, use new technologies frequently, and always learn new things and improve our skills. If you’re excited about ReactJS, RxJS, NodeJS, functional programming, and learning, you’re probably going to love working at Fixate.

Best of all, you get to work on projects that are just fantastically designed.


Positions currently available at Fixate:


Mid-Level Javascript / NodeJS Developer

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We’re looking for a mid-level Javascript developer who loves working with new technologies, working flexi-time, and writing awesome code. You’ll be working on integrations for mobile payments companies, an educational game, and a bunch of other awesome projects.

Your duties and responsibilities:

  • Taking an active part in web application development, and the direction of applications with feature and technology suggestions and discussions.
  • Maintaining and enhancing existing applications. The ability to solve problems is critical.
  • Possessing excellent communication skills to clearly express your ideas verbally and on paper.
  • Fine attention to detail.

At a minimum you should:

  • Have 3 – 4 years experience in writing software.
  • Be well versed in Git version control.
  • Be experienced with the command line.
  • Be able to work both with a team, and independently when necessary.
  • Be competent with Javascript and its inner workings
  • Have experience with MVC frameworks (Rails, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Sails etc.)

You would stand out if you have experience with:

  • Node.JS
  • CSS3
  • ReactJS
  • Functional approaches to programming

If you’re interested in working with us, please tell us about yourself, and include:

  • A link to your resume / CV with a description of your skills.
  • Your target salary.
  • Two or three examples that best showcase your talent.
  • Links to your Github, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn accounts.
  • Your preferred development environment (Mac, PC, textmate, sublime, vim, IDE, etc).

Please send your details through our contact form.