Hugo Orthodontics

A branding and responsive web project for Dr Hugo.

Branding, responsive web design

For over 20 years, Dr Andre Hugo has been one of the most respected orthodontists in South Africa. Today, the Hugo Orthodontics brand is stronger than ever. We were approached to update their corporate identity and implement a website that mirrors their cutting-edge dental techniques.

We started this project by designing a “version 1” of the Hugo Orthodontics site. We received great feedback from our client saying that their patients really enjoyed using it. What was now needed was a site with much more information about orthodontic treatment… much, much more! This meant we’d have to design a site with a boatload of information, but make it feel really quick and easy to read. By splitting the text up into sections and separating them with icons, we were able to make the text pages more interesting.

Don’t miss our step-by-step infographic about what to expect throughout orthodontic treatment!