T-shirts for Developers

Our alter ego, Blushing Crow, designs t-shirts and other merch.

We recently created a brand called Blushing Crow. This alter ego gives us the opportunity to design kickass products for people from around the world.

We chose “programming” as the theme for our first range. There are an endless supply of rib-tickling developer jokes out there (which, of course, are only funny to developers). However, the accompanying designs often don’t quite cut it. We felt we had finally found our true calling. With our powers of design and programming combined, we could design amazing (or, at the very least – great) shirts about programming.

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Visit the Blushing Crow Designs blog blushingcrowdesign.com

Code hands warm heart

Will code for pizza

visibility: hidden;

Here be dragons

I’m a dev, not a wizard

Works on my machine

Open sourcerer

Stone code fox

Eat, sleep, code

Maximum call stack size exceeded

426 Upgrade Required

Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Overflow Developer

Never been beta!