UX & UI Design

We improve user satisfaction by building intuitive sites that are a pleasure to use.

User interface design, or UI design, is just as important as visual identity. It doesn’t matter what your site looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. Clear calls to action and clearly defined value propositions are a key step to making the user feel in control of their experience. User experience design, or UX design, is often interchangeable with UI design.

User-centred design also increases the number of visitors that become members, reduces the number of visitors who leave your site after one page view, and creates a better experience for your users. All of these factors are important in increasing ranks in Google. This is why we start thinking about UX from the get go, with your goals informing every decision we make.

Another aspect that affects both user experience, and Google rankings, is load speed. A faster site will rank better in Google and keep your visitors browsing for longer. This is why we take great care to design and build fast and reliable websites and web applications.

Lastly, a beautifully designed website will, not only have a positive effect on your brand image as a whole, but also improve a user’s experience whilst navigating your site.

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