UX Audits

Get actionable feedback on your product’s UX from usability experts. After all, great UX + happy users = good business. 

A sub-par digital presence just won’t cut it. Your site needs to be good. Darn good. It’s important to take a step back and evaluate what’s working for your users, and what isn’t. That’s where we come in!

A UX audit is a powerful way to improve your product’s user experience. It highlights your site’s usability issues quickly, and provides recommendations on how to correct them. UX audits have been shown to deliver a huge return on investment. Forrester research shows that a well-designed user interface (UI) can raise your website’s conversion rate by 200%, whilst great UX design can increase conversion rates by up to 400%!

However, increased conversion is not the only benefit. We want your users to fall in love with your product. An enjoyable, memorable user experience is the first step.

How does a UX audit work?

We start off by getting valuable insight into your business. Who are your users? Who are your competitors? What are your goals?

Next, we use Google Analytics to identify what’s working well, and more importantly, what isn’t. The data gives us a thorough understanding of your users and their behaviour on the site. We analyse the information and put the key findings into a Data and Analytics Report (this report is usually about 26 pages long). Don’t worry if you don’t have Google Analytics set up yet – we can help you with that! Or if you’d like to jump straight into the UX Review without conducting a Data and Analytics Report, we can do that too. Sometimes, this makes sense for companies who have already had analytics investigations conducted, or who have new sites.

Armed with the insight from the data report, we move onto the UX Review. Here we pinpoint the parts of your site that are causing your users headaches, preventing you from achieving your business goals, or simply standing in the way of a great user experience. We highlight your site’s key usability issues and make recommendations on how to correct them. All of our suggestions are categorised according to ease of fix, and severity, allowing you to allocate your resources effectively.

The UX Review ranges between 30 to 40 pages, and provides a detailed breakdown of your product’s usability issues. The feedback is detailed, easy-to-understand, and provides information about best UX practices. Most importantly, it’s actionable, meaning you can implement the suggestions and see real-world improvements!

The road to great UX is never-ending. Once the UX Audit has concluded, we’ll make suggestions on how to improve your product’s user experience even more. Our suggestions may include:

  • Setting up goals and funnels in Google Analytics
  • Conducting user-testing
  • Implementing A/B testing
  • Running an accessibility audit
  • Conducting a technical evaluation
  • Assessing content
  • Redesigning the site’s UX and UI
  • Rebuilding the site

Let’s get started!

An effective UX strategy is the first step to improving how you engage with your users. Contact us to start your UX journey.